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Honoring John Milledge


As you know, our esteemed leader, John Milledge, has retired from Action Environmental after a long and very successful career, to begin the next phase of his professional journey. He is certainly a pillar within the environmental community.

We congratulate John on his successful career and wish him well going forward. We celebrated with him at an informal BEPA reception at Avondale Brewery on Tuesday, April 11th. If you missed this event please see the photos provided by Danny Smith and Tamara Wright.

We had a great time reminiscing and sharing some wonderful memories about working with John and our friendships with him, because you definitely have a friend for life in this man.

Everyone shared words of affirmation and praise about our dear friend and colleague, and the words most often spoken of him were ethical and kind. What an amazing testament to a man who is known and respected by so many. Longtime friend and Action colleague, Doug Carothers, gifted John with a plaque that has one of those stories you just had to be there for…but I’m sure John will share it with you 😉

And he shared the inspiring story of how he came to be a founder of Action Environmental/Resources and his pride and appreciation for his bride, Tammie, who is his greatest helpmeet, advertiser, and cheerleader.

Thankfully, he is not on his way out of the game, he’s just “changing horses” as he says. We are glad to know he will still be available to “herd cats” at BEPA meetings and to entertain us with his hilarious straight-faced quips!

John, you are appreciated and respected by a community. We are all proud to know you and glad to have the opportunity to tell you.

With highest regard,
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